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Fall schedule starts September 18th – December 22nd, 2017

September 2017 Schedule  


  12:10-12:50p Yin Yoga   Lori 

 5:30-6:45p Vinyasa Flow Yoga    Lori

7:00-8:15p Yoga for Backs  Taryn 


 12:10-12:50p Vinyasa Yoga  Wendy E.

 5:30-6:45p Hatha Yoga  Nicole


12:10p-12:50p Hatha Yoga   Nikki 

5:30-6:45p Hatha Yoga   Lori

7:00-8:15p  Yin Yoga  Lori


12:10-12:50p  Yoga for Stress  Relief   Andrea

5:30-6:45p  Vinyasa Flow Yoga   Kellsey

7:00-8:15p Yin/Yoga Nidra    Mary Ann 


10:30-11:45a  Sivananda Yoga   Lori

12:10-12:50p Hatha Yoga    Lori 

5:30-6:45p Yoga for Stress Relief   Alissa 


9:00-10:15a Hatha Yoga Alissa

 10:30-11:45a Nidra/Yin Yoga  Alissa

12:30-1:45p Hot Yoga   Scott 


9:30-10:45p Vinyasa Yoga  Alissa

12:30-1:45p Nidra/RestorativeYoga  Scott 

**For the schedule for Unnata Aerial Yoga classes go to

*We have great workshops coming up this fall…Vinyasa Yoga for Beginners…Yoga and Ayurveda…Yoga for Athlethes…Prenatal Yoga.

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This semester runs from September 18th-December 22nd, 2017. You can register at your first class at Yoga Haven or check out the Fees or Registration page to sign up now online. We take Debit, Cash, Visa, Mastercard, or Cheque. You can start anytime with class passes and/or unlimited passes. The last date you can purchase a 3 month unlimited for this semester is on September 23rd. You can still purchase 1 and 2 month unlimited passes, classes and drop ins after that.

See below to help you determine how many classes to purchase this semester.

* Tuesday-Friday has 14 classes in this semester. *Monday and Saturday has 13 classes in this semester * Sunday has 12 classes in this semester. 

*semester runs from September 18th-December 22nd, 2017. 

Please inform each instructor if you have any medical concerns or injuries…take off your shoes on the mat…avoid wearing perfumes to class…turn off your cell phones…..please arrive on time.