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Welcome to Yoga Haven. We are a beautiful warm yoga studio in Regina, Saskatchewan. We have been serving the community for 14 years. Our vision and mission is to share the gift of yoga with as many people as possible. Our intention is to create a peaceful and supportive environment and to enrich students lives with the teaching of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga . Yoga is about feeling strong and centered. We want to help increase your strength and flexibility in mind and body . Evolve your yoga through a regular practice with our classes, courses and workshops. We believe that by focusing on balance, healing and mind/body awareness we can create a life that is fulfilling supplying us with the energy to share with others. Yoga postures, meditation and breathing techniques have a purifying and balancing effect on our being. The postures stimulate, strengthen and massage the systems and muscles in the body. Deep breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques help steady the mind and have a calming and connective effect.

Open, strengthen and challenge yourself at Yoga Haven.
We have a dedicated team of incredible teachers to guide you.
Hope to see you on the mat soon.

Yoga Haven offers daily classes, workshops, retreats, yoga lifestyle courses and online downloads and class purchases. Drop ins to all classes are available!

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2120 Broad St

Regina, SK S4P 1Y5

(306) 531-3342

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